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The milc room,
a place where you can relax, away from home, with your breast fed baby.

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Welcome to the milc room

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a community based lactation care center for all pregnant and breast feeding mothers where they can receive peer breast feeding support, breast feeding information, or make an appointment for further professional lactation care.

Our Vision

It is our vision that every woman wants to breastfeed her baby, that  she knows that she can breastfeed her baby, and most of all, that she knows that she can find and access available resources to get help with breast feeding when she needs it. The milc room envisions being a centrally located community breast feeding resource for all pregnant and breast feeding women regardless of her economic status, or where she has given birth.

Our Services

1. Group Support:  New Locations opening in Holden, Worcester, Shrewsbury and Northborough.

Are you an experienced breastfeeding mom, CLC, or IBCLC? Do you want to start a weekly group in your community? For a relatively small fee for how-to, start-up and pr materials you could bring breastfeeding moms together and provide very much needed support. Email;  for more information and details.

2. Private One-to-one care: Call or email for appointment Monday through Friday. 508-847-8615 or

Fees: $90.00 initial visit – up to 2 hours. Follow-up visits $50.00. A formal receipt is given upon request, and visits are often reimbursed by your insurance company.

3. Like our FACEBOOK page. We have an active and helpful group of LOCAL (to Central Massachusetts) moms that want to help each other with breastfeeding, pumping, weaning and feeding their babies into childhood.

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Recommended by Pediatricians and run by professional certified lactation consultants, the milc room is a free weekly community based breast feeding support center for all pregnant and breast feeding women.
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